When we began our careers in the financial services business in the late 1990s, one of the aspects that stuck out the most was that nobody in the professional industry was looking at the big picture .  We asked clients, “who is your financial quarterback?”  We asked clients who owned businesses, “who is your personal financial steward?”  Accountants review taxes.  Attorneys create business entities and trust documents.  Advisors invest money.  Insurance agents sell policies.  Banks lend money.  When you talk with clients, we found that there is a donut hole in the “advice” industry.  We formed the Turner Group to fill that dark void.  We wanted to be the bridge that helped bring these aspects together.  We enjoy working with our clients in all aspects of their lives.  It’s fun and rewarding. We are in the business of helping people reach their goals and there really isn’t any better business than that!


Whatever your goals may be, we believe it’s how you invest your assets that largely determines how soon you’ll reach them. Whether you’re looking for growth, generate income in retirement or preserve your wealth for future generations, confidence in your comprehensive financial plan comes with knowing your assets are invested well.  The Turner Group has been helping clients invest their resources in the financial markets since 1960. We feel investing successfully requires a very, disciplined, proven process.  We have a balanced approach to building our client’s portfolios, an approach that highlights risk management. Our investment philosophy is simple: we believe our clients seek a consistent return on their money with the least risk possible.  Through our experience and expertise, we can help you develop a glide path toward achieving your financial objectives.

Investing involves risk and no strategy can
guarantee success. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


Life’s a journey; one with many twists and turns along the way. One day you’re graduating college, the next you’re leaving work behind for a new adventure. The question is: are you ready? What is your number?  How do you structure your investments to provide the income you will need? How do you make savings last for your lifetime? You’ve likely thought about what retirement will be like, but have you defined the details that will make up the next phase of your life?  Remember, retirement isn’t an endgame; it’s a full and active part of your life that could last a long time so you’ll want to be as confident as you can – financially, emotionally and physically.  No matter what stage of life you’re in, we can help you pursue independence, freedom and the things that matter most to you. Your journey begins now. Let us help you get on your way.


You have worked hard to build your business, but it’s more than just a business. It’s your life’s work. For business owners like yourself, chances are the business represents a significant portion of your net worth and ultimately your retirement plan. Business planning is not that much different from personal financial planning- it is about setting goals, employing the right strategies and tools to achieve them, and ultimately realizing the value that you’ve created. Rarely, is there a clear-cut line between your personal finances and your business balance sheet. Ask yourself: Do you have your business entity structured to protect your interest in the event of a lawsuit? When was the last time you reviewed your company’s retirement plan? If something was to happen to you yesterday, what is your transition plan for your company? How do you value your company for a potential sale? Are you structured properly to minimize your income tax impact to your earnings? We can help coordinate with professionals, ensuring you understand your options.


Who wants to pay more than necessary in income taxes? We take a tax-sensitive approach to managing your investments. Each year, we work with our client’s accountants and attorneys to ensure that our clients minimize the tax impact to their income.


One of the greatest rewards of wealth is being able to share it with others. You’ve taken care of your own needs and wants, but it takes careful planning to make sure your loved ones reap the benefits of what you’ve accomplished. It can be a life affirming process to preserve your family values and ensure your assets go to those closest to you in accordance with your wishes. We have the resources to work with you to ensure your wishes are communicated, in writing and legally binding. Beyond that, we’ll revisit your plan regularly to ensure it is up to date.


One of the most important facets of financial planning is preserving all that you have worked so hard to build. It’s about establishing a plan to regularly review – and adjust – your portfolio, estate plan and insurance policies to make sure they meet your needs at every stage of your life. Together, we can assess current risks and determine your level of comfort with them. We will explore what actions and plans to put in place to provide the level of protection you currently need. We can help you preserve your overall way of life and your ability to generate income in the event something unexpected happens.

RJFS does not provide tax and accounting services.