Whether planning on building a new home or launch a new business, you need a well-conceived plan in order to succeed. Achieving financial independence is no different. Our initial “Getting to Know You” consultation provides a strong foundation for establishing a long term professional relationship. Simply put, we believe our business is people and their financial well-being and we are committed to your success as much as you are.

We invest the time to help ensure all bases are covered, all details are addressed, and all parties are on the same page right from the start. This process helps us understand you and your family. Whether you are looking to build your wealth consistently over time, generate income for retirement or preserve wealth for future generations, confidence in your financial plan comes with knowing your assets are invested well and that you have the right team in place to manage it. As your partner, we provide a comprehensive strategy with which to chart a detailed course for pursuing a bright and secure future.


We pride ourselves in helping our clients reach their goals. This initial consultation helps us understand what is most important to you. We’ll use what we learn in this discovery phase to develop a roadmap designed to move you and your family toward your unique goals and objectives.

This is a value’s-based discussion with questions such as:

What’s important to you about money?
What do you want to accomplish?
What do you do want to do for your children?
Tell me about your relationship with your parents?
Ideally, where would you like to be?
What are your quality-of-life desires that we should know about?
In dollar figures, how much money do you want?
When you think about your money, what concerns, needs or feelings come to mind?
If you didn’t have to work anymore, what would you do?

What family member relationships are the most important ones to you?
How many children do you have? Where do they live?
Are your parents still alive?

How do you earn money today?
How do you save or set aside money to Invest for your future?
What are your investment holdings? Explain your strategy for handling your investments.
What benefits do you get from your workplace?
What property do you own?
What is your opinion on taxes? What kinds of taxes bother you the most?
How are your assets structured now?
When you think about your finances, what are your three biggest worries?
What were your best and worst financial moves? What happened?

Who would you lean on for legal advice?
Who prepares your taxes?
In the past, who have you relied on for investment advice?
Who would you turn to if you were to sell your house?
Who ensures your house and autos?
What were your best and your worst experiences with a professional advisor?
How do you feel about these relationships?

Client Communication
How involved do you like to be in the managing of your finances?
How many face-to-face meetings would you want over the course of a year?
How often would you like phone updates on your situation?
Do you want contact by email? What should the email contacts be about?
How often do you want an overall review of your financial situation and progress toward your goals?
Who else do you want involved in the management of your finances (spouse, other advisors such as accountant, attorney)?

Personal Interests/Well being
If money was of no importance, what do you really like to do?
Do you have any health concerns that we should be aware of?
What would an ideal weekend look like?
If you were planning your ideal vacation, where would you go?
What charitable causes do you donate to or volunteer your time with?

In order to help this discussion be most effective, please complete the “Getting to Know You” booklet & “Investment Policy/Risk Tolerance” Worksheet prior to this meeting and be prepared to provide statements and requested information in regards to asset, liability, income details. 


The Discovery phase helps us build a relationship with our clients and understand what is most important to them through the process of collaborative goal setting. The purpose of the strategy development phase is to reevaluate, reassess, and reprioritize your current strategy or game plan in order to meet the desired objectives that you have stated our most important for your family. Because no two people are the same, building a financial plan around your specific goals creates a plan that is uniquely yours. We will work closely to view your current strategy as it relates to your net worth and cash flow, income tax, investment management, retirement, protection planning and estate plan. We will review alternatives together in areas that we feel like we can make the greatest impact and tailor a customized strategy to ensure your family is successful in reaching the dreams that you have communicated in our discussions. We will set metrics with which we define success and articulate a road map in which to make the necessary changes to your current strategy.


Whatever your goals maybe, we believe it’s how you invest your assets that largely determines how soon you’ll reach them. The Turner Group has been helping our clients invest their resources in the financial markets since 1960. Our investment philosophy is simple: we believe our clients seek consistent return on their money while mitigating risk.

Investing successfully requires a very, disciplined, proven process. We have a balanced approach to building our client’s portfolios, an approach that highlights risk management.

How can you preserve and manage your hard earned wealth? How will your retirement unfold? Do you have enough resources to last? Through our experience and expertise, we can help you find the answers to these questions and develop a glide path toward achieving your financial goals.

Investing involves risk and no strategy can guarantee success. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


We understand why you are seeking a relationship with an advisory team. We understand the objectives most important to your family. As the CEO of your family, we want to be your trusted personal financial steward to help you organize the different elements of your life in order to make the very best decisions for the future. You have provide all the pieces to the puzzle and this is the next stage in seeing it all come together. We will evaluate, realistically, where you are today. In looking at your current situation, we can honestly review whether this is where you want to be.

Are you on the right track?
What are the most critical areas in need of improvement?
Are we focusing our time where it is needed the most?
What are the suggestions and recommendations for the areas that are most relevant to your family meeting their critical objectives for the future?
What steps need to be implemented today in order to ensure success?
What are the pros and cons of taking action today in order to meet your goals?


We are excited to begin working together and look forward to a successful long term relationship.  As a driving force behind this process, you now have a better understanding of where you stand, where you’re going, and the steps that we need to implement in order to get there.  Together, we can help you bring your vision into sharp focus so you can begin to prepare for it.  This is the action phase of the process where we begin with our road map and begin with the items that will be most impactful to your comprehensive plan.  We will make a detailed action plan and begin to implement our recommendations based on your priorities.


The foundation of any successful relationship is all about communication and this is no different in a professional relationship.  How often would you like to meet face to face?  How often would you like to be contacted? How often do you want to sit down together to review your portfolio? How often do you want to review your estate plan and beneficiaries?  Do you prefer email or texts for simple updates?  Do you enjoy attending seminars about pertinent changes in financial markets, tax legislation, etc.?