Our clients are diverse. We recognize the differences in their lives and businesses and we are absolutely committed to providing professional, financial guidance to help our clients reach their destination, safely and on time. We know clients desire simple, effective communication and professional planning as it relates to their finances.

We personalize our planning approach, taking the time necessary to truly understand your family’s needs and objectives. It is not uncommon for Charles or Dan to visit a business on site or meet a client at their personal residence as a valued member of the family’s advisory team.

Our services are designed to help business owners, retirees, people whose lives are in transition, healthcare professionals, women and families.

If you are looking for a hands-on, Financial Steward in your personal life, please contact us to set a time that we can grab a cup of coffee or lunch to discuss your situation and determine whether we can form a meaningful, professional relationship in helping you build a plan and develop a system to help your family reach your goals.


As a business owner, you’ve built something you care about- and you want to see it last. We understand. We share a kindred spirit. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are well acquainted with the unique challenges and opportunities before you. You’ve learned that your personal and professional lives may intertwine in ways you may not have anticipated. As your personal, Financial Steward, we help you take a step back to review all angles and see the bigger picture: how your success can help you build a legacy for your family’s future. Our role is to help you further your success by giving you the confidence to focus on what you do best.

We’ll help you cut through the complexity of your financial situation to create, implement and manage a plan designed specifically to help you reach your goals-personally and professionally. You are great at what you do. You overcome challenges and achieve milestones. You expect the same level of commitment in an advisory team in protecting the financial interests of your business and family. We will help you cut through the complexity of your financial situation to create, implement, and manage a balanced game plan that is interwoven with the details of how you picture your life. Our solutions capitalize on our deep resources and insightful analysis and are customized to help you reach your family’s goals.


You’ve worked hard your entire life but now, it’s time for your retirement assets to start working for you. With retirees living longer, more active lives, structuring a sustainable income throughout retirement and maintaining this lifestyle may be one of your highest priorities. The last thing you want to worry about is outliving your savings. Your priorities are our priorities. Our business is to help you enjoy the lifestyle you’ve envisioned while mitigating risk that could make your nest egg vulnerable. Working together, we talk about what you need and want your money to do for you and assess the likelihood that you’ll be able to achieve these goals. As your lifestyle changes, we update your strategy to keep you moving in the direction you want to go.

We also strive to ensure that your wealth passes in the most efficient way to your heirs and philanthropic endeavors through estate and legacy planning. With our help, you have a full range of professional resources at your disposal.


Over the years, we have had the privilege of guiding generations of clients. We act as your dedicated financial concierge, helping to coordinate your financial affairs across multiple platforms and professional teams (CPAs, attorneys, etc.,) designing carefully calibrated investment strategies and connecting you with opportunities and specialists, all while providing the utmost confidentiality, privacy of a personal Family Office. Intergenerational wealth management requires a sophisticated and disciplined approach to help achieve your goals and aspirations in any market environment.

Aside from assisting in managing and preserving wealth, we also strive to promote family unity. With the constant support of our experienced team, you gain the confidence that comes with a holistic approach to your family’s financial affairs. One that aligns with your values and your mission. You have built a lifetime building a legacy; let our team help you ensure this success continues to the next generation.


While all women are unique, many face challenges such as time away from careers to care for family or aging parents, or finding yourself suddenly single from a divorce or outliving your spouse. How you approach these circumstances may be challenging and stressful. Doesn’t it make sense to be as educated and involved when it comes to your finances? We think so.

We understand the challenges women face and how to help you get the answers you need to make decisions about your investments and your future. As your life changes, we’ll be here to help you readjust and move forward with a financial strategy designed to meet your current and future needs. To us, each situation presents a challenge and an opportunity to make smart, pragmatic financial decisions to secure the life that you have always envisioned.


As a healthcare professional, you understand the benefit of seeking professional financial advice. You’ve spent a career working hard to care for others and don’t want to see the fruits of your labor disappear in a lawsuit. We understand your unique needs to protect against potential liabilities and other risks in the future; preserve your assets from excessive taxes assessed against high wage earners; manage education debt and, finally, build wealth to achieve financial independence. We understand the unique financial issues (…i.e. health care reform, rising malpractice premiums, and reduced insurance payouts) you face and why it’s more important than ever to make smart financial decisions now to prepare for the future.

We help by designing a wealth management plan that addresses every important aspect of your practice and personal life, including everything from preparing for your children’s college educations to having an estate plan. By collaborating with your tax and legal advisors, they can create family limited partnerships or asset-protection trusts, secure umbrella insurance coverage, and find solutions for dealing with managed care reimbursement cutbacks and rising practice expenses.

You can rely on us to provide customized guidance to manage and preserve your hard-earned wealth.


Losing a spouse, either through divorce or death is difficult- both financially and emotionally. Many are afraid of outliving their savings or not having sufficient income to maintain their current lifestyle. Often times during this transition, a person may be managing his or her own financial affairs for the very first time in their lives. Charles and Dan both grew up in single parent households. They understand intimately how hard it is to raise a family on one income. Emotional transitions lead to emotional decisions, which may not always be the most beneficial for the future. Poor financial choices can only compound emotional distress. We want what is best for you and have experience at helping clients work through these types of transitions.

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